5 Quality Checks For Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing software development can be daunting, but we’ve found a formula that ensures quality and reliability every time. Through continuous improvement, we’ve integrated five essential checks into every project we undertake. Here’s how:

1. Static Code Analysis 📊: Using tools like SonarQube, we keep a close eye on code quality. This isn’t just for the present; it ensures that the software can be cost-effectively extended and enhanced in the future. Access to these reports is crucial throughout development.

2. Vulnerability Tracking 🔐: Security is paramount, which is why we implement vulnerability tracking with tools such as Snyk. This proactive approach allows us to manage potential risks effectively, ensuring the software’s security from the ground up.

3. Comprehensive Test Suite 🧪: We start with a robust test suite that scrutinises every user story against its acceptance criteria. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about ensuring that the software we build meets the Definition of Done, linking payment milestones to the successful completion of these tests.

4. Automated Smoke Tests 🔍: To safeguard the core functionality of the app, automated smoke tests are indispensable. They ensure that new updates don’t inadvertently break existing features, maintaining the app’s integrity through each iteration.

5. Progress Tracking 📈: Finally, a transparent project management tool with a comprehensive dashboard is key. It provides clear visibility of the project’s progress, enabling us to identify and address delays promptly, minimising impact and keeping us on track.

Always ask your software development partner about incorporating these checks and ensure you have access from start to finish. We’d never partner with anyone unwilling to provide this transparency and access to tools and reports. It’s non-negotiable for quality assurance!

If you’re interested in exploring outsourcing your software development for your organisation, drop us a line today.



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