Map Build Deploy Workshops

Our workshop is designed to de-risk the process of outsourcing software development. It educates founders on critical steps needed to ensure their project is clearly defined from the start, guiding them on how to choose the right developer, and what key agreements are essential for IP ownership, code quality, and security.

Attendees will learn how to establish a clear ‘definition of done’ and implement strategies for effective User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The focus is on empowering non-technical founders with the ability to navigate the outsourcing landscape confidently, making informed decisions that safeguard their interests.

This practical workshop offers insights into specifying projects accurately, selecting developers wisely, and ensuring all legal and technical aspects are covered. By understanding these elements, founders can ensure their software projects are successful, secure, and aligned with their business objectives.

Join us to gain the knowledge needed to oversee your software development confidently and efficiently.