Intellectual Property Control’s Cadence™ is a tool that not only streamlines software development but also places a strong emphasis on Intellectual Property (IP) Control.

By integrating Cadence™ into your software project, you ensure that every aspect of your software development is conducted under the umbrella of stringent IP protection measures. This tool is crafted to safeguard your most valuable assets, ensuring that your intellectual property remains secure throughout the development lifecycle.

Cadence™ excels by establishing unequivocal ownership rights from the project’s inception. It incorporates escrow services that dynamically monitor and confirm delivery milestones. This is instrumental in facilitating payment milestones, which in turn releases IP from developers when specific criteria are met.

Moreover, Cadence’s™ sophisticated access controls provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive information, thereby protecting your intellectual property at every stage of development.


  • Robust IP Protection: Secures intellectual assets throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Clear Ownership Rights: Establishes unequivocal IP ownership from project start.
  • Dynamic Escrow Services: Monitors and confirms delivery milestones for IP release.
  • Sophisticated Access Controls: Ensures only authorised access to sensitive information.

Take control of your project’s IP from the outset.