Code Checking

For non-technical business owners who work with software development, deciphering the quality of your codebase can be challenging. Signs of poor quality include prolonged development times, regression bugs after updates, difficulties in onboarding new developers, and inaccurate coding estimates, suggesting issues with maintainability and extensibility that could hinder business growth. bridges this gap by deploying a senior architect to rigorously assess your code against key performance indicators (KPIs): Security, Readability, Project Structure, Code Complexity, Scalability, Documentation, Encapsulation, and Unit Testing, each rated out of 10.

Our experts, using leading tools, scrutinise your codebase for areas needing improvement. Moreover,’s code checking service provides non-technical founders with ongoing access to a dashboard, enabling them to monitor code quality independently going forward.

This service demystifies the codebase through an independent review, laying a solid foundation for your software.


  • Expert Code Evaluation: Senior architects rigorously assess code, ensuring high-quality software development.
  • Comprehensive KPI Analysis: Detailed report on key performance indicators for informed decisions.
  • Ongoing Quality Monitoring: Dashboard access for continuous ongoing code quality oversight.
  • Independent Review: Demystifies your codebase, through balanced, unbiased evaluation of code quality.

Ensure your software’s future with our independent Code Checking service.