Cadence™ by, tailored for founders and CEOs outsourcing software projects, ensures that best practices and a clear definition-of-done are embedded from the start.

It brokers communication between clients and development teams, increasing clarity for developers and visibility for clients. Cadence’s™ light-touch workflows and test suite significantly reduce developer overhead through automation, streamlining the development process.

Dynamic project dashboards provide real-time progress insights, enabling the timely identification and resolution of delays. Integrated code quality and security checks ensure high standards for each release, enhancing the project’s overall security and quality.

Cadence™ supports continuous deployment to testing servers, enabling regular software testing by founders during development.


  • Automated Efficiency: Light-touch workflows and automated tests reduce developer overhead, streamlining processes.
  • Real-Time Insights: Dynamic dashboards offer immediate project progress updates, enhancing decision-making.
  • Enhanced Communication: Brokers clear dialogue between clients and developers, driving project success.
  • Best Practice out-of-the-box: Automated tools for consistent code quality and security checks.

Streamline your project with Cadence’s best practice frameworks from day one.