Finding Your Niche: The Key to Unlocking Vast Markets

In the early days of what would become a global powerhouse, a small team led by a visionary was laying the foundation for a revolution. They started with a simple focus: selling books. Critics were quick to dismiss them as mere “computer guys” with no real understanding of the book industry. Yet, it was their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction that propelled Amazon from a makeshift office into the annals of e-commerce history.

At B13 ai, we are inspired. Our mission? To revolutionise software development with AI, making it efficient and accessible across industries. 🌍💡

Our choice to initially focus on healthcare and medtech stems from our proven track record in delivering impactful solutions within this niche. Operating in the West Midlands, a region renowned for its medtech businesses, institutions, and support, we’re perfectly positioned to innovate. 🏥🔍

By concentrating on medtech, we aim to showcase our AI-driven advancements in software development, with a keen eye on enhancing customer experience. This strategic focus not only allows us to refine our technology but also to build a strong foundation for future expansion.

The journey from a niche to a broad market is a testament to the power of focused innovation. It underscores the importance of starting small to achieve big. 🛤️🌟

Notes: Here’s the 1999 interview in full. It’s fascinating to hear Jeff Bezos’s insights and predictions that came true, more so than even he could have possibly imagined. It’s amusing to see how he struggled with the interviewer who was more concerned with cashing in on the growing dot com bubble.

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