What is the Definition of Done?


For outsourced software development, defining “Done” can often be a moving target. Yet, clarity in this area is crucial for both client satisfaction and team efficiency. At B13 ai, we’ve honed in on a Definition of Done that leaves no room for ambiguity—clear acceptance tests. 🎯

What does this mean? Simply put, our developers know exactly what is expected of them for each task. A feature isn’t considered “Done” until it has successfully passed predefined tests that align with the project’s requirements. This binary approach—pass or fail—ensures that everyone on the project, from the client to the development team, has a common understanding of what completion looks like.

📖 One vital component of the Build-Bible from B13 AI’s Venture Mapping is a full set of acceptance tests. These tests provide your developer with a precise Definition of Done, ensuring all deliverables are completed to standard. This method not only streamlines workflows but also boosts trust and confidence among all stakeholders involved.

🔍 Embrace a Definition of Done that brings precision and peace of mind to your projects.

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