User Guide: How to Create Custom GPTs in Chat GPT – Unleash AI-Powered Efficiency


One of the most exciting recent enhancements to Chat GPT is the ability to create custom GPTs, offering a tailored AI experience that can significantly boost your business processes. These smart, adaptable tools can transform the way you handle information, ideate, and communicate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Custom GPT


Ensure you’re equipped with a compatible device and have access to ChatGPT Plus ($20 per month).

1️⃣ Starting the Process:
🔹 Visit the ChatGPT website and log in.
🔹 Navigate to the ‘Explore GPTs’ section in the menu.
2️⃣ Creating Your Custom GPT:
🔹 Browse through existing GPTs, or start creating your own by clicking the ‘Create+’ button.
🔹 Use the prompt window to describe the type of custom GPT you wish to create.
🔹 Engage in a conversation with the Chatbot creator AI to refine your bot’s name, tone, and other aspects. You can preview your bot in real-time.
3️⃣ Configuring Your Custom GPT:
🔹 Access the ‘Configure’ tab to customize your GPT’s instructions and conversation starters.
🔹 Here, you can define the GPT’s tone, set up to-do lists, reminders, and enable fact-checking and source citation features.
4️⃣ Adding Knowledge:
🔹 If your GPT requires specific knowledge, like rules of a game or technical data, you can upload files under the ‘Knowledge’ section.
5️⃣ Enabling Extra Capabilities:
🔹 You can enable additional features like web browsing, Dall-E image generation etc.
6️⃣ Adding Custom Actions (For Coders):
🔹 If you have coding skills, you can further customize your GPT by adding custom actions.
7️⃣ Finalising Your Custom GPT:
🔹 Save your GPT, choose its accessibility (private, link sharing, or public), and customise its logo and category.
8️⃣ Using Your Custom GPT:
🔹 To use your new GPT, go back to the main ChatGPT page and select your custom GPT from the list.
9️⃣ Customising Further:
🔹 If needed, you can always go back to edit and refine your custom GPT by following similar steps.

Business Applications of Custom GPTs:

Knowledge Bases: Create AI-driven databases that understand and articulate your company’s information in a conversational manner. (Be careful of hallucinations and unexpected behaviour ⚠)
Brainstorming Aid: Configure your GPT for diverse idea generation, ensuring a wealth of creative inputs.
Text Generation: Utilise AI for crafting consistent, brand-aligned written content.

Embrace the Power of Custom GPTs!

Custom GPTs are not just tools; they’re productivity multipliers. They bring a level of efficiency and innovation to your workflow, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in your business. By embracing these AI assistants, you’re not just staying ahead of the curve – you’re redefining it.

If you’re interested in balancing clever problem-solving with strategic risk management for your organisation, drop us a line today.


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