Reservoir of Risk


Entrepreneurial success comes from problem-solving skills and risk-taking attitude, but diving into software development without proper insight is full of risk.🌩️

Imagine a vast ‘Reservoir of Risk’ in the realm of software development. Entrepreneurs, like a lone paddler amidst a stormy lake, often face the turbulent waters of ‘unknown unknowns’. 🌧️ Issues like contract complexities and intellectual property rights lurk beneath the surface, while tracking quality and ensuring security are akin to navigating through a fog of uncertainty. 🌁

The journey of requirement gathering and documentation is a treacherous path, requiring precision and expertise to ensure developers deliver exactly what’s needed. 📝 As the venture progresses, the cost of change increases, much like the effort needed to paddle back against an increasingly strong current. 📈 The deeper an entrepreneur ventures into this reservoir, the more costly and complex it becomes to rectify issues. 💸

According to a Nexford University article Types & Importance of Risk Taking in Entrepreneurship 2024, embracing risk is integral to entrepreneurship. However, it emphasises the importance of calculated risks, especially in software development, where the stakes are high and the waters are deep and costly. 💰

While entrepreneurs are naturally equipped to face and solve problems, the software development journey demands more than just courage and problem-solving prowess. It requires meticulous early planning, awareness of potential pitfalls, and a strategic approach to navigate the ‘Reservoir of Risk’. ⚓️🔍

If you’re interested we can de-risk the software development journey for entrepreneurs in your organisation, drop us a line today.

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