Putting Off Software Development Problems Has Never Come Cheap


As an entrepreneur I need to have an appetite for risk. I know that my problem solving skills will help me to resolve issues as they arise. Taking measured risks and navigating difficult experiences are skills I’m grateful to have to help me grow my business.

But here’s the thing: in software development, jumping into the unknown without a comprehensive plan can bring problems that cost a lot of money to solve. Putting off software development problems for future Tom has never come cheap. The cost of change increases with time. 📈💻

Venture Mapping™ is our crystal ball in the world of software development. 🔮 ✨ It’s like having a time machine that allows us to see potential problems before they come to haunt our future selves. Creating a Build-Bible™, from user stories to technical specifications, allows us to spot challenges on the horizon. 🚧🧩 This proactive approach empowers us to address these issues head-on, saving time, money, and countless headaches down the road. 🕰️💡 So, while we embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and take calculated risks, Venture Mapping™ ensures that we’re well-prepared to tackle obstacles that may arise in our software development journey.

To discover if you’re starting out on a software project with the foresight of Venture Mapping™, I’ve designed a dynamic health check tailored to pinpoint potential pitfalls in your project. Quick and foundational with a personalised report highlighting critical risk zones along with practical tips for their mitigation.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential of Venture Mapping™ the software ideas for your organisation, drop us a line today.

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